“Near Loveland”, Colorado


“Harvest Time In The Land Of The Best. The agricultural seer will see in the distant snow-blanketed mountains fruits of another year growing beside the irrigation canals their melted flakes will feed.”

— National Geographic feature, “Photographing the Marvels of the West in Colors”, June 1928.

The hidden boy is Fred Junior, son of photographer

Ye Lyttel Shop, Estes Park, California.

Interior of Clatworthy’s souvenir shop.

Clatworthy taking large group photo

During the summer months when the tourist season was in full swing, Clatworthy would often photograph large groups who were staying in one of the resorts in and around Rocky Mountain National Park. This activity generated an important source of income for Clatworthy and helped pay for the thousands of autochromes he made over the years. The photo was probably taken by Fred Clatworthy, Jr who also went on to a career in photography.

Ye Lyttel Shop, Estes Park, California.

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