Life with Photography

Last Marie Šechtlová's exhibition was organized as retrospective from beginning of her carrier in 1950's up to the digital photomontages done in 1990's and 2000. Exhibition was prepared for her 80th birthday in cooperation with curator Antonín Dufek

Marie Šechtlova, nee Kokešova (1928–2008) began her photographic career in 1945. After her marriage to Josef Šechtl, she helped develop the family Šechtl & Voseček photographic studio until 1953, when it was nationalized by the communist government. In the late 1950s, she became an art photographer, and in the 1960s, she was one of most successful photographers of "the poetry of the everyday". Together with her husband, she published a number of books, and produced many exhibitions, and also pioneered the use of large scale photographic prints for interior decoration. She now concentrates on digital photography.

Marie and Josef Šechtl, 1951 Marie Šechtlová and Daughter Marie Michaela, Bulgaria (1955) Sad Hockey Player, Tábor (1959)

Lužnice River, Tábor (1959) Soldiers (1960) From “Agriculture” series (1950's)

From “Agriculture” series (1950's) Experimental Combine Harvester ŽM 330 (1950's) From “Gypsies” series, Tábor (1961)

From “Gypsies” series, Tábor (1961) From “Gypsies” series, Tábor (1961) From “Gypsies” series, Tábor (1961)

Summer House Hvězda, Prague (1964) Charles Bridge, Prague (1964) Prague Castle, Prague (1964)

Gas Reservoir, Prague (1964) Self Portrait, Tábor (1964) The House I Live in (1964)

Beatific (1962) Twins, Brittany (1968) Wenceslas Square, Prague (1962)

South Bohemia from Helicopter, Lipno (1966) South Bohemia from Helicopter (1966) South Bohemia from Helicopter, Tábor (1966)

South Bohemia from Helicopter (1966) Brittany (1968) Paris (1965)

Paris (1965) Paris (1965) Paris (1970's)

Paris (1965) Romance in the Forest (1975) Book cover (1980's)

Miraculous day (1970's or 1980's) Danger of Civilization (1970's or 1980's) Black Sun (1970's or 1980's)

Music (1966) Velvet Revolution, Tábor (1989) Velvet Revolution (1989)

Self Portrait (1990's) Woman with Hat, New York (1964) Hat (1990's)

Dance, Laterna Magica, Prague (1964) Dance (1990's)