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Welcome to our home page, dedicated primarily to historical photographs by the Šechtl family whose tradition exceeds 150 years. Šechtl's photographic studio was founded in 1865 by Ignác Šechtl (alias Schächtl). He was followed by Josef Jindřich Šechtl, Josef Šechtl and Marie Šechtlová. Thematically rich photo-archive of hundreds of thousands negatives and vintage photos was preserved. It constains, for example, studio works (portraits and group pictures), pictures of memorable places, fine art photography, photo-journalism as well as snapshots (street photography).

On these pages you can find invitations to photography exhibitions, virtual galleries of photographs and regularly updated digital archive. Our shows introduce works of Šechtl & Voseček studios as well as other digitized collections of historical photography around the world. Many of these exhibitions are available on-line in the form of WWW exhibitions.

Recent additions to Š&V Bookshelf

book Josef Jindřich Šechtl: Photographer’s Diary, 1928–1954 monograph Marie Šechtlová: Photography 1960-1970 Šechtl & Voseček: A History of the Studio Šechtl & Voseček: A History of the Studio South Bohemia Exhibition in Tábor, - Professor Theodor Petřík and Tábor

Digitizing archive

In our project of digitization archive we strive to make professional quality digital copies of all preserved photographs and make them available in preview quality in our digital archive. We can prepare high quality digital prints that surprise by quality of photographer's work and not only by the nostalgic feelings of “old photos”.

Information about individual photos in the archive is often incomplete or unreadable. We welcome any help with identifying details! Please write us any additional information about the photos.

Do not throw away old professional photo scanners

We strive to produce quality scans of photographic materials in our archives. This is hard to do without professional equipment. With decline of classical photography also professional photo scanners disappeared from the market. If you own a professional scanner you no longer need, contact us. Perhaps we could make good use of it.


You can also see our photographs on regular exhibitions at kinokavárna Svět and Brewery museum.

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Most Interesting Discoveries

Section, where we show the most interesting information we have received from you, about photographs in the archive.

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Album Tábor to Vráž
Mrs. Koucká loaned for digitization photo book that was given by Tábor Sokol to famous traveller Enrique Stanko Vráz. This extremely well preserved set of photographs travelled to USA and returned back to Tábor. It is dated to 1903 providing us great tool for dating our negatives. It also adds a link in betwen Šechtl and Vráz, that is great for our planned exhibition on this adventueur.

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