Ignác Šechtl and Josef Jindřich Šechtl: Calendar 2013: August

The area in front of Tábor railway station was lively even at the beginning of the 20th century. But it seems to have been vacated when the photographer was taking a picture of the wife of restaurant owner Štětina. Maybe Štětina was offering free drinks?

Hus Park in front of the railway station, early 20th century. On the right, at the site of today’s bus station, is the railway station building. Křižík installed electrict lighting on the columns. They are already collecting money for the statue of Jan Hus, which was only to appear in 1928. The wife of restaurant owner Antonín Štětina poses for the photographer in front of the park.
Photographed by Josef Jindřich Šechtl, early 20th century.