Photographies of Tábor for callendary of Šechtl and Voseček muzeum for year 2007.
Hansa-Brandenburg C.I 26.17 crashed near Buchlovice, May 1st 1919 Vejrec distillery 1928 Engine of Plocek factory, 1924

Work in mine, 1927 Brewery Brewery

Stationary engine of German company Lanz (from Mannheim), early 1920s Car 1914 Nepomucký printing plant, 1924

Radio car on exhibition 1929 Sawmill in Tábor, 1929 Fire-engine in Tábor, 1892, nr. 8

Mine in between villages Vřesce and Ratibořské hory, pit Hloubení, approx 1900