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Czech name: Deym, svatba

Deym, svatba (in Czech), keywords: Deym, wedding (Czech) Tetzeli, Ludwig  and Maria Sofia were married in a religious ceremony on... Deym, wedding
Czech name: Deym, svatba

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Czech name: Deym, svatba

Czech description: Tetzeli, Ludwig and Maria Sofia were married in a religious ceremony on September 17th, 1929 in Nemyšl. Určila V.Mátlová. Děkujeme

I was present at the Deym wedding in1937
my mother, Sophie Deym who died in 1999, was the eldest sister of Editha Deym,
whose marriage to Ernest van Panhuys is so beautifully portrayed in your photos.
My cousins Ivan Deym and Llewellyn Kast
(in Eton suit)and his sister Mary who also appear in the photo are still alive.
My brother Frederick Tetzeli died in 2005
Mother was born in Nemysl in 1899 where she married in 1929. She deeply loved her place of birth, her family,the Deym ze Striteze and her native land. John Tetzeli

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Keywords:Deym, wedding
Categories:Wedding of Deym, Nemyšl
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