Almost all the work on our project of digitizing the archive is done voluntarily, and would not be possible without the help of many contributors. We would like to especially thank the following (in alphabetic order):
Andrew Godall
for correcting many of the English texts and significantly improving clarity of web pages
Yvetta Dorflová
for identifying photographs of relatives of famous writer Božena Němcová
Mrs. Franková
for finding texts about Sokol club in Tábor
architects Mr. Jankovec and Mr. Kristián
for identifying photographs of Tábor old town
Jiří Kohout
for fixing mistakes in our archive; allowing us to scan photographs and postcards from his collection; and for giving guided tours in our museum
Jiří Kořalka
for help in preparing exhibition on Alexander Seik
Mrs. Lukšičková
for loaning us photographs of Sokol club in Tábor, and for help with identification
Martin Mareš
for space on his Internet server for our web pages
Phill Michel
for advice regarding methods of digitizing the archive, based on his experience at US Library of Congress
Neograf paper mill
for preparing special paper for our experiment with albumen paper
Mrs. Pražáková, and other staff of the Hussite Museum in Tábor
for help in preparing exhibition on Alexander Seik
Pavel Scheufler
for help with archiving and dating photographs; for helping us prepare albumen paper; and for opening a number of exhibitions in our museum
Eleanor Schlee and John Titchener
for correcting many of the English texts and significantly improving clarity of web pages
Martin Schmitt
for help with identifying photographs of Pelhřimov
Škrla family
for providing a home for our museum
Dr. Tecl, Mrs. Prchlíková and other staff of the Tábor archive
for researching negatives and texts in their archive
Jakub Troják
for typesetting invitation cards, posters, postcards and calendars
Petra Vávrová
for help with preparing albumen paper
Tomáš Zahradníček and Pavel Schaffhanz
for identifying photographs of Sibiř and surroundings

See also separate credits page of our Prokudin-Gorsky exhibition

We also thank the South Bohemian Region for their grant to save this cultural heritage;
and the City of Tábor, and mayor František Dědič, for their support of museum.

Digitization is done by Marie Michaela Šechtlová and Jan Hubička.
Photographic enlargements by Eva Hubičková and Marie Šechtlová.
Hardware and software, digital prints, and website, are taken care of by Jan Hubička.