Ordering a print from our archive

High-quality prints of historical photographs can be used for interior decoration, for scientific research, or they can make a very nice present. Ordering prints of photographs from our archive is easy:

  • Write down the ID of the photograph in our archive (as seen in the viewer on the right of the actual image).
  • Email us to muzeum@sechtl-vosecek.ucw.cz: the photo IDs; preferred size (at least 20×30cm, up to 110cm wide); preferred paper (photo matte, gloss or fine art paper); mailing address.
  • We will email you with information as to whether the particular photograph will allow reproduction in the size you request, and will quote the cost.
  • If you wish to proceed, make payment to us via Paypal to address honza@sechtl-vosecek.ucw.cz.
  • We will send you a preview of the edited photograph, if requested, once payment arrives. We will ship the reproduction, usually within 1 week.

How to calculate cost

How we prepare the print

HP Z3100 printer

All photographs in our archive are digitized in high resolution and quality (up to hundreds of megapixels). The scans are archived in unedited form. Preparing a photograph for print includes looking it up in the archive, editing and retouching, and optimizing for our printer.

It is important to consider that the negatives in our archive were intended to be cropped, balanced and retouched at reproduction. They are not final products. Unless requested otherwise, we perform similar editing as the photographer would do in the dark room, for each specific print and size. This usually includes:

Automatically generated preview

Preview of photograph prepared for print.