Šechtl & Voseček: Write Us!

Digitization, exhibitions and publications are prepared by Šechtl and Hubička famlies with help from number of volunteers. We welcome cooperation and would be grateful if you can loan us photographs from our studio to digitize.

We encourage you to write to us with any information or comments you may have, regarding the web-pages or photographs here. Where you refer to a particular photo, please use the URL of its page. When referring to a photo from the tree of categories in our digital archive, please click on it first, because the front photographs in the category pages out from time to time.

You can contact us either by email to muzeum@sechtl-vosecek.ucw.cz or write to:

Šechtl & Voseček
Dukelských bojovníků 1944
Tábor 390 03
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 776303193

You can also write to Facebook