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Threshing grain.

Threshing grain. The stationary engine is providing power for the threshing machine inside the ba... zemědělství, stacionární motor
Threshing grain.

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Threshing grain.
The stationary engine is providing power for the threshing machine inside the barn. Stationary engines like this were used to provide power for many different tasks, such as threshing, sawing timber, cutting chaff, driving lathes, and so on. The engine is probably an internal combustion engine, as there is no visible steam boiler. Photo dates from approximately 1917.
With reference to the photo ID desky/deska7112, the engine should be an hot bulb "Jan Vytlacil", type Climax, made in Litomysle near Osik (CZ): it's the Czech copy of the older "August Mietz & Carl Weiss" made in Mott Street, New York city (USA).andrea piacentin

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Keywords:zemědělství, stacionární motor
Categories:Technology, Working
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