Marie Šechtlová: Life with Photography

11th exhibition of Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photography.

From the opening day:

Photographs representing whole career of Marie Šechtlová from 1950s to today was selected in cooperation with currator of South Bohemian gallery Antonín Dufek. Digitalisation of negatives was perfomed on professional scener Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED loaned to us by Nikon ČR. Printing was done on 12 color printer HP Z3100, the state of art printer for black and white photographic printing.

11th exhibition of Šechtl and Voseček Museum of Photography:
“Marie Šechtlová: Life with photography”

The exhibition consists of 75 new prints from original negatives. The new prints have been made digitally, under supervision of Marie Šechtlová, using Z3100 inkjet printer, with care to match the appearance of contemporary laboratory prints.

The exhibition has been prepared by:

Antonín Dufek
currator of the exhibition
Jan Hubička, Marie Michaela Šechtlová and Eva Hubičková
organized the exhibition, and brought it into being
Škrla family
provided a home for the exhibition
Mrs Eleanor Schlee and Mr John Titchener
translated texts into English
Mr Jakub Troják
designed typography for invitation cards, captions and posters

We are very grateful to everyone who has helped in creating this exhibition. We also gratefully acknowledge the support we have received from the Town of Tábor and the South Bohemian Region.