Marie Šechtlová

Photographic Stories

A selection from exhibition “Marie Šechtlová: Photographic stories” held in Šechtl and Voseček Museum of Photography.

Josef Šechtl (1925–1992) and his wife Marie Šechtlová (1928-2008) took over the Šechtl and Voseček studio. Marie in particular, brought a feminine emotive element to their work. In the 1960's, she was among the most successful photographers of "the poetry of the everyday". Following the nationalisation of the studio by the Communist government in 1953, they continued as freelance photographers, mounting many exhibitions and producing a number of publications, including Jižní čechy, Hradec Králové, Loutky. Together they were a team of art photographers, pioneering colour photography and the use of large photographs for interier decoration.

Untitled (1962)From “The World as Seen by a Sparrow” series, Tábor (1961)Untitled (1962)

Untitled, Tábor (1959)Untitled (1958)Marie Šechtlová and Daughter Marie Michaela (1955)

Marie Michaela Šechtlová (1953)
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