Auto-motor-cycle club contest

The auto-motor-cycle club competetion of the Tábor Autoclub has been held in October the 7th, 1928 in Tábor. From 83 cars accepted for the competetion 75 came to the start. Start has been in time and without problems. There has been a lot of audience before and after the start. Shortly after the start of the first cars it started to rain heavilly. It looked like the competetion would need to be cancelled but finally the rain stopped and on the way to the destination the competetitors was already using dry streets.

Special attention deserve mr. Olivier Mladota who got to the destination with indisposed right hand so he drove using left hand only. The "Pacov circle" got tested for first time by this competetion.

In the category of cars up to 1200 ccm: