Photographies of the city Tabor

These photographies of Ignác Šechtl has been published in the callendary “The city Tábor 2002—View to the history”. Our thanks to mr. Kunc for digitizing the photographies and writting the commentary.

Baroque Tábor Technical improvements of the beggining of 20th century Tábor that disappeared

Sport and amusement Budějovická street "The time won't stop"

The historic centre of Tábor Theathre of Tábor Křižík's powerplant

The first electric line in Tábor The traveling in Tábor Tábor's hospitality

The place of important events Hotel "Setunský" Historical centre of Tábor

The oldest artificial water barrier Usefull and decorative Closter square in Tábor

Closter square in Tábor Main church Historical dominants of Tábor

Main Tábor cross In the between of old and new city Tábor and first world war

Tábor baths Tábor of many faces The river Lužnice as romantic locality

Valley of the river Lužnice Harach's restaurant East side of Tabor's square

West side of Tabor's square Bakery in koželuh street Beerwery

Beerwery Under the Castle "What a beauty"

Citiwalls of Tabor The main street The old cityhall of Tábor

Tabor's"Palace" The high school in Tábor (reálka) 16th century architecture in Tábor

??? Club Sokol in Tábor Tábor shooting rage

Shopping place in the center Turism in Tábor Romantics of the "old" T8bor

The watertower in Tábor The exposition in Tábor Meeting place

Tábor and Jan Žižka from Trocnov The Tábor school of agriculture