Photographies of the city Tabor

Photographies of Tábor published in 2006 calendar of Šechtl & Voseček Muzeum of Photography.
View of Tábor from Čelkovice with Anna Šechtlová January - Beneš' mill Februrary - skating on Jordán lake

March - the corner of Budějovická ulice and Třída 9. května with statue by J. V. Dušek April - Jan Žižka z Trocnova square 1929 May - View of the Tábor from Jordán with the construction works on exposition place for exposition in the year 1929

June - Emperor maneuevers on Křižík square 1913 July - Srbian Sokol excercising in the front of Sokolovna 1912 August - works on the Šilhan's field

September - disclosue of Švehla's monument in the front of agriculture school 1935 October - fire police excercises in Tábor to celebrate 10th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, 1928 November - First steam powered brewery

December - View of klokoty from Holeček's park