Photographic techniques of Josef Šechtl (1925–1992)

This is small sellection from the matherial prepared for new exposition of Šechtl and Voseček museum.

Josef Šechtl made color photography since it's infancy in 40ties of last century. Because of lack of quality matherial and experience every good photo made by the system negative-positive has been result of days spent in the laboratury. During his life the color photography has been considerably improved and in 60ties he already made number of technical tricks (such as solarisations, photomontages or multiple expositions). He was probably only photographer in Czechoslovakia who experiemnted with special matherial agfacontour originally developed for enhancing details in grayscale photographs by adding false colours used for example by NASA for Appollo space missions.

Together with his wife Marie Šechtlová he created number of fine art photographs and also precise and technically difficult photographs of interriers and exteriers of castles or details of jewelry. Together they published number of books, for instance South Bohemia (Jižní Čechy), Hradec Králové or Marionettes (loutky).

The exhibit was on display till May 2006. Part of exhibit prepared digitally is however available in on-line archive of museum.

Josef Šechtl jako laborant watch Usage of multiplier

Agfacontour of railway bridge in Prague Sabattier effect Sabattier effect

Sabattier effect Agfacontour Agfacontour