Turovec in 1925 and 2005

We visited Turovec exactly 80 years after Josef Šechtl.


Katastrální výměra 1350 ha
Nadmořská výška: 438 m n. m.
Počet obyvatel: 246

Turovec lake has 28 hectars with 1.5 hectar island in the middle. Photo July 12th 1925 The pont was owned by count Harrach. Today it is maintained by Strkov fishery. 7-12-2005 Memorial oak tree with group of tourists 7-12-1925

The oak tree was planted by owner of land Mr. Kepla at the beggining of 14th century. 7-12-1925 Today it's trunk has 7 meters in perimeter and is natural heritage. 7-12-2005 Collecting milk in the front of Cimpr's house no. 30. and Novák's house no. 20. 7-12-1925

Houses no. 30 and 20. 7-12-2005 Mr. Cimpr, 82 years looks at the historic photograph of his house (1925) together with city mayor. The school was bujiltin 1907 and cancelled in 1977. 07-12-1925

Till 1995 was in the school the civil protection equipment storage. The building was reconstructed in 1995 and is used as town hall now. Turovec fire brigade 07-12-1925 Today the fire brigade has 35 members and for 10 years they are winning the circumscription fire brigade competetion.

The city mayor is Mr. Prokop (since 1994). Chapel on village green. 07-12-1925 Chapel on the villa green 07-12-2005

Prokop family in the front of their house no 36. On the photograph are grandparentts of the today city mayor Pavel Prokop. Child in the right is his father František Pavel Prokop with his parents in the front of house no 36. 07-12-2005 František Prokop, 81 years, rebuilt 3 houses in Turovec including the house no 36

Prokop family in the front of house no 38. 07-12-1925 Blažena Prokopová-Bystrá with her grand child in the front of house no 38, 07-12-2005 Blažena Prokopova-Bystrá explore the historical photographs of her house made before she was born on the notebook. 07-12-2005

In the house of Šedivý was pub U Andy House of Šedivý 12-05-2005 Footballers 05-12-1925

Playground 05-12-2005 Fiala family in the front of farm originally owned by count Harrach, 07-12-1925 Farm is now being repaired by ancestors of original owners, 07-12-2005

The farm is now being repaired by ancestor of the original owners, 07-12-2005 Horses Village haVillage has 50 registered businessmans