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@All sokol meeting in Prague 1901
@sokol on the regional exposition in tábor 1902
@Sokol in Třebíč 1902
@Sokol in Ostrava 1902
@Sokol exercises in Lviv 1903
@Sokol exercises in Tábor 1903
Unknown sokol meeting on 35mm film Gevaert (75)
Sokol in Bechyně 1908 (3)
@Trip to Sokol Meet in Zagreb, 1910
@Sokol meeting in Zagreb 1910
@All sokol meet (Slet) in Prague 1912
@Sokol meet (Slet) in žirovnice 1913
@Sokol exercises in Jihlava 1919
@Excercises of Sokol at Kamenice nad Lipou, 1919
@Excercises of Sokol in Bechyně, 1919
@Excercises of Sokol in Pelhřimov, 1919
@Meeting of Sokol Žižka's župa in Tábor 1920
@All Sokol meet (Slet) in Prague 1920
@Delegation from Switzerland
@Sokol meeting in Pelhřimov 1921
@Sokol meet (Slet) in Pelhřimov 1925
@Excercises of Sokol in Pelhřimov, 1925
@All sokol meet (Slet) in Prague 1926
@Meeting of Sokol Žižka's Župa, 1932, 2nd 35mm film
@all sokol meet (slet) in prague 1932, 35mm film
@Sokol meeting in Tábor with more than 1800 participants, after year 1934, 35mm film
@Sokol meet (Slet) 1938
Sokol H. D. T. (6)

Sokolové (in Czech), keywords: sokol

Sokolové (in Czech), keywords: sokol Cvičení prostná (in Czech), keywords: sokol, meeting, sport, simple excercise sokolský slet (in Czech), keywords: festival, sokol, sport sokolský slet (in Czech), keywords: festival, sokol, sport
keywords: sokol
Czech name: Sokolové
keywords: sokol, meeting, sport, simple excercise
Czech name: Cvičení prostná
keywords: festival, sokol, sport
Czech name: sokolský slet
keywords: festival, sokol, sport
Czech name: sokolský slet
slet sokolů (in Czech), keywords: sokol sokolský slet (in Czech), keywords: sokol, meeting cvičení v Měšicích (in Czech), keywords: sokol, Měšice sokolské slety (in Czech), keywords: Prague
keywords: sokol
Czech name: slet sokolů
keywords: sokol, meeting
Czech name: sokolský slet
keywords: sokol, Měšice
Czech name: cvičení v Měšicích
keywords: Prague
Czech name: sokolské slety
sokolské slety (in Czech), keywords: sport Pozvánka na 6. slet (in Czech), keywords: meeting slet (in Czech), keywords: sport sokolský slet (in Czech), keywords: festival, sport, sokol
keywords: sport
Czech name: sokolské slety
keywords: meeting
Czech name: Pozvánka na 6. slet
keywords: sport
Czech name: slet
keywords: festival, sport, sokol
Czech name: sokolský slet

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