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@Tennis courts
Tennis in Tábor 1946, 35mm film (45)
Marie and Josef Šechtl playing Tennis in Tábor (10)
@Josef Šechtl plays tennis in České Budějovice, after 1939, 35mm film

dopis Anince od matky (in Czech), keywords: sport tenisté - bratři (in Czech), keywords: Tábor Jan Voseček s malým Šechtlem (in Czech), keywords: figure tenista (in Czech), keywords: tennis
keywords: sport
Czech name: dopis Anince od matky
keywords: Tábor
Czech name: tenisté - bratři
keywords: figure
Czech name: Jan Voseček s malým Šechtlem
keywords: tennis
Czech name: tenista
Voseček s Pupou bruslí na tenise (in Czech), keywords: sport
keywords: sport
Czech name: Voseček s Pupou bruslí na tenise

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