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Section, where we show the most interesting information we have received from you, about photographs in the archive.

Current | 2006

Album Tábor to Vráž

Mrs. Koucká loaned for digitization photo book that was given by Tábor Sokol to famous traveller Enrique Stanko Vráz. This extremely well preserved set of photographs travelled to USA and returned back to Tábor. It is dated to 1903 providing us great tool for dating our negatives. It also adds a link in betwen Šechtl and Vráz, that is great for our planned exhibition on this adventueur.

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December 22 2017
December 28 2015 - December 10 2018
Because of stolen notebook you can only find news from this time on our Facebook page. We digitized many glass plate negatives 30x40cm, published book on Tábor, two callendars and prepared exhibitions. We will be more careful next time

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