Houses in Tábor, calendar for year 2014

All photographs in this calendar are from Šechtl & Voseček archives and are the work of Ignác Šechtl (1840 –1911) and his son Josef Jindřich Šechtl (1877–1954). Since 2004 we have been working on the digitization of this extensive archive. By July 2013 over thirty thousand negatives and photographs had been digitized. Unfortunately, a large proportion of these have not been individually identified. We would be very grateful for additional information about any of the photographs in our archives.
Stárek House. Prague Street January: Villa “Bellaria”, Zbyněk Street February: Škoch House, Žižka Square

March: House No. 247, Prokop Street. April: Ctibor House, Žižka Square April: House No. 13, Prague Street

June: Old-world charm, fading away July: House No. 344, Dlouhá Street August: Villa “Černý leknín”, Novák Street

September: House No. 1287, 9th May Street October: House No. 626, 9th May Street Prosinec: House No. 516, 9th May Street

December: Villa “Riviera” covered by snow, Lužnice Valley