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December 29 2007
December 28 2007
33 new photographs, all from book by Pavel Scheufler “Jižní Čechy objetktivem tří generací” (South Bohemia by Lenses of Three Generations).
Lidice roses, 1980s (the town of Lidice was destructed and its residents killed in 1942), agfacolor
Menace of civilization, 1980s, agfacolor
Music, 1980s, Agfacolor 6x9cm
Music, 1980s, layered film
Mysterious forest, Agfacolor, 6x9cm
Color photomontages (1960s-1980s), Haul of Horusice pont, Deštná u Jindřichova Hradce, Český Krumlov, Borotín, Červená Lhota, Vacation in France, sheet film
December 27 2007
December 23 2007
December 20 2007
December 18 2007

At December 15th was held an opening day of exhibition “Month of photography, Marie Šechtlová, Čzechoslovakian view of 1960s” in beautiful Mediateque in Dole. We would like to thank to town of Tábor, Dole and Mediateque for helping to realize the exhibition.

December 10 2007
December 7 2007
November 30 2007
During 13th Videofest festival was held world premiere of Šumný Tábor, next part of famous street movie series with presence of their authors, David Vávra and Radovan Lipus. The movie contains number of photographs from our archives.
November 20 2007

35 new photographs

We continue to digitize photographs loaned or donated to our archive that we did not have a chance to digitize while working on our current exhibition. We are very grateful for the offers of these very interesting photographs.
From Vojta family album. Loaned by Ladislav Vojta
Zdeněk Růžek, Vláďa, Jiřka. Donated to our archive by Růžek family
Irma Kroupová, nee Maazová. Loaned by Jiří Kroupa
Robert Horák, 1879-1954. Donated to our archive by Marie Voštová
Irena Straková, 1914. Donated to our archive by Marie Voštová
From Vojta family album. Photographed by Alexander Seik, and loaned Mrs. Korbelová
From Vojta family album, photographed by Alexander Seik. Loaned by Ladislav Vojta
From family album of family of Antonín Kroupa. Photographed by Ignác Šechtl, 1882, and loaned by Jiří Kroupa
November 7 2007

21 new photographs and number of corrections we received from you. We are very grateful for all the corrections. During intensive work on our new exhibition we was not able to update the on-line version of our pages, but the corrections did not get lost and we will make them available this weekend.

We are also working on of system maintaining our WWW pages and conversion to XHTML. If parts of the web is not displaying correctly now, please let us know.

October 29 2007
  • At wednsday, October 31, 8:30pm Czech TV 2 will play document by Z. Flídr on Šechtl Family. It will be repeated at Thursday, November 1st, 8:30am.
  • At November 30, document on architecture in Tábor, “Šumný Tábor”, featuring number of photographs from our archive will be performed as part of Videofest
  • We are happy to announce an exhibition of Marie Šechtlová in French city Dole.
October 25 2007

The opening of the new exhibition, "100 Years of Auotchrome", at the Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photography, was very successful. The exhibition was opened by Alain Scheibli from France (great-grandson of Antoine Lumière) and by historian of photography Pavel Scheufler.

We would like to thank everyone who come for opening day, and everyone who helped to make this exhibition possible.

We were reminded of Lumiere's contribution to movie film by the projection of the earliest movies by Lumieres themselves, as well as movies of George Melies, “Voyage to the Moon” (1902), “Eclipse” (1907).

September 23 2007

Our next exhibition, “100 years of Autochrome”, will be opened on October 25, at 5pm. 85 new photographs

Ladisla Vojta has allowed us to digitize photographs from his family album. These are very interesting, especially the cartes de visite from 1870s by Alexander Seik and Ignác Šechtl, of which only very few have been preserved. Thank you!

Jiří Kroupa added number of new information about photographs from exhibition in 1929 and allowed us to digitize more documents.

September 22 2007
HP Z3100 printer

Our museum is now half-owner of an excellent new HPZ3100 photo printer. (We only own half of it; however, we are able to print in its full width of 110cm). This printer allows us to keep closer quality control on the prints we prepare, and will allow us to produce them more promptly.

You are now welcome to order prints from our archive. We can prepare small photographic prints, but also large size prints can be made, for example, for interior decoration. Such prints from our negatives can already be found in “U zlatého lva” and “Třeboňka” restaurants in Tábor, and soon also in KFC Bratislava. By ordering such prints, you support our project.

September 16 2007
Cameraman Andrej Barla (left) and director Zdeněk Flídr, preparing the documentary.

The Oskar Nedbal Theatre in Tábor has hosted the first viewing of a documentary film by Zdeněk Flídr: Obsession of Šechtl family.

Using historical photographs, the documentary uncovers fragments from the lives of this famous Tábor family of photographers. The viewing was followed by a discussion with director Zdeněk Flídr, cameraman Andrej Barla, composer Jaroslav Krček, and with surviving members of the Šechtl family.

September 14 2007
HP Z3100 printer A new short-term exhibition, “Women in Danger”, has opened in our museum. The previous exhibition, “Josef Jindřich Šechtl - Leica Photographer” can still be viewed in full size until 15th October 2007.
September 8 2007

We are very grateful to Jiří Kroupa, who is son of Adolf Kroupa, director of organizing committee of great Regional exhibition in 1929. Jiří Kroupa participated at the exhibition and preserved most of documents concerning the exhibition. Very interesting for us was photographs made from 35mm negatives from the visit of president T. G. Masaryk. Those are very early Leica photographs by Josef Jindřich Šechtl whose negatives was lost.

59 new photographs

President T.G. Masaryk visting the exhibition
Exhibition 1929
September 5 2007
August 12 2007
August 09 2007
You are cordially invited to workshop co-organized by us: “Legacy of Three-Color Photography”
The workshop is held in National Technical Museum, Prague, Czech Republic, September 24-26 2008.

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