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Nov 24 2011

New exhibition of photographs of Tábor from 1960s to 1970s was opened as part of conference “Year 2011 - 50 years of renovating of Tábor cultural heritage”.
Nov 15 2011

Šechtl and Voseček Museum of Photography will be closed during the winter. You are however welcome to see the exhibition (in somewhat reduced form) at the restaurant Střelnice.
Nov 2 2011

Our museum will be closed till February

Oct 15 2011
As part of even “Days of open studios” we will also open our museum during weekend. At Saturday October 22 you can visit studios of Marie Šechtlová at Bezručova street. At Sunday 23th exposition of our museum.
Oct 14 2011
Oct 9 2011
We was pleased that our guided tours was met with an interest. We will continue organizing them in the future.
Oct 7 2011
Equpiment of our museum was extended by scanner Eversmart Select refurbished by Foreversmarts. We plan to use this canner to scan the largest negatives in our collection, since it allows scanning transparent originals up to size of A3. Also the high resolution 5600DPI and large density will let us digitize the 1960s to 1990s photographs made on 9x12 flat films.
Sep 25 2011
You are invited to guided tour through our exhibition at first and second Sunday of October, starting at 3pm
Sep 14 2011
Sep 5 2011

New exhibition “Ignác Šechtl 1840–1911: Remarkable Movie Crank with a Camera” was opened at Šechtl and Voseček Museum of Photography. We are very grateful to everyone who came to the opening despite the extremely bad weather.

Aug 29 2011
Photographs from our callendar “Tábor” for year 2010 are now available in on-line gallery
Jun 29 2011
Jun 24 2011
Jun 22 2011
At the Great synagogue in Plsen was opened our largest exhibition to date.
May 29 2011
Apr 8 2011
Apr 6 2011
Mar 30 2011
Opening of the exhibition “American Colony in Jerusalem and the Matson Photo Service” was successful. We would like to thank to everyone who came to the opening, to Andrew Goodall and Zbyňek Suchomel for talks, Swing band for music and to Škrla family for renovating the exhibition rooms and extending museum by one extra room.
Mar 15 2011
Mar 9 2011
Feb 22 2011
Jan 18 2011
Because the confectioner' store is closed, museum is available only at appointment. Please call 776-608-508 (to Eva Hubičková).
Jan 11 2011
Jan 8 2011
Jan 5 2011

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