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Dec 31 2005
Dec 28 2005
Fertilizing, Radenín, Padařov, Hroby, Křeč, Miličín, Tábor surroundings on hand colored slides for turristic club, after 1934, Tábor surroundings on hand colored slides for turristic club II
Dec 25 2005
Dec 5 2005
Nov 29 2005
We are prparing callendary to celebrate 740 years of Chotoviny. Callendary will be ready at December 10th.
Nov 25 2005
Nov 1 2005

Parts of our museum was flooded and it will be temporarily closed for at least 10 days. It should be re-openned in half of November.

We experimentally digitalized several slides of medium format from 1970s on Imacon scanner. The progographs are from book "Paris" by Marie Šechtlová that was still not published yet. Unfortunately we don't have neccesary finances to buy scanner for this format so we can't continue with digitalization nor we can publish the book, but we hope to solve this problem soon, since the color matherials are aging more rapidly and are now perhaps in greater danger than silver based black and white negatives we are digitalizing.

La Place De La Concorde, photomontage
The statue of the Spirit of Freedom on the July Column, Bastille sq.
Mimic actor in front of Notre-Dame
New 35mm films:
Exhibition of posters 1946
Exhibition of posters 1946
New glass plate negatives:
Work in silver mine in between villages Vřesce and Ratibořské hory
Sokol exposition
Aug 20 2005
Aug 16 2005
Pavel Scheufler spěchá na zahájení

The Opening of the fourth exhibition at our museum was very successful, and we are very pleased with the interest people have shown. We are still very keen to collect information that anyone has, about any photographs taken by Alexander Seik and Ignác Šechtl.

Aug 7 2005
Sep 25 2005
Sep 15 2005
Sep 6 2005
Aug 26 2005
10000 fotografií
Slavíme 10000 fotografií v archivu

Fixed several problems in HTML markup in automatically generated pages so they should display correctly on older browsers now.

79 new photos in the archive, mostly photos from Nemyšl and portraits from Pelhřimov and Vyskytná.

Group photo in Nemyšl castle 1911
On the trip near Pelhřimov
Aug 26 2005
169 new photos in the archive:
Car 1914
Driving around Tábor
Different looks of Mr. Vrečovský
Confirmation in church on Mikuláš z Husi square, Confirmation, Prague street on 35mm film from year 1932, Water cleaning station 1936, Prague street on 35mm film from year 1932, Sokols on horses, Vrkoč's family, Horses and cars, Pešeláci
Aug 20 2005
153 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
Fire police excercises in Pelhřimov
Group of musicians

Water cleaning station 1936, Vrkoč family, new school group photos and photos of Tábor and Pelhřimov from large format negatives 18x24 and 24x30cm.

Aug 14 2005
178 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
Tábor thatre after reconstruction 1937
Unknown event, in front of the Commercial Bank, Tábor
Božejov, Portraits and figures from záložna Třeboň, number of new portraits and family photos from Žirovnice.
Aug 5 2005
vaření papíru vaření papíru
vaření papíru vaření papíru
fotografie na albuminovem papiru

Our experiments with making hand-made albumen paper, based on original instructions from 1860, succeeded in giving good quality photographic prints These will be on display at our next exhibition at the museum.

470 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
Mr. Petrák, Rychnov
Novák Family, Rychnov
Children from Kamenice
Children from Kamenice
Tobogaging, Air condition company Janka, Jirák's family, Construction works in Prčice, Portraits and figures of Žirovnice citizens 1918,
Is this Roudná?
Storm 1950
35mm film: Holidays in Yugoslavia 1929, Hydroplane 1929, Famlly 1929, building infection pavillon of hospital on pražské předměstí 1947, Storm 1950, Walk to Gold Mine in Roudná, Bezručova street 1941,
July 15 2005
577 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
If you can recognize this castle, please write us!
Mr. Plocek's factory
Funeral in Pelhřimov 1913, Commercial Bank, Pražské předměst, New hospital, Cloister in Želiv, Portraits and figures of Žirovnice citizens 1918, Masaryk's Schools of Work,
Soběslav 1932
Garden Tillage U Šilhana
Barracks in dukelská ulice, Walk in Soběslav with Pupa, 1932, Reconstructing Jordán water dam, 1932, From Palacký street to Křižík square, Celebration of Red Cross on Křižík square, Repaired Town Hall, 1932, Square 1944, Prague Street during war, Bridge near Restaurant Harachovka, 1932, Garden Tillage U Šilhana, Hotel Slávia, Walk trough Pelhřimov to Šechtl and Voseček studio, 1932, Milk factory, 35mm film
June 11 2005
148 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
Harvest near Pelhřimov 1926
dragging Locomobile 1926
Baths near Černovice Choustník Němcová-Záhořová, granddoughter of Božena Němcová
35mm film:
Disclosure of monument of Alfons Šťastný in Padařov
Writer Jiří Mahen on fishing competetion
Celebration in the frond of house of Alfons Stastný z Padařova, after year 1935 Fishing competetion with Jiří Mahen, kinofilm
June 9 2005
157 new photos in the archive
Number of new portraits on glass plate negatives, especially beautiful art nuovo women and portraits of citisens of Žirovnice
Mrs. Frič 1911
Viturka as Libuše 1911
35mm film:
If you can recognize this castle, please write us!
Newly repaier Jordán water barrier, 1934
New buildings in Tábor, 1934, 35mm film Walk from unknown romanesque church to the unknown castle, 35mm film
June 4 2005
209 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
Castle in Chotoviny
Baron Nádherný, Chotoviny
Portrait of woman, colodion negative
Farmer with double heat cabbage, Žirovnice
Mr. Bůček, Žirovnice 1909
Water station in Tábor, number of new portraits including 8 collodion negatives and photos from Chotoviny Castle.
35mm film:
Tombs in Hroby
Church in Blanice
Church in Soběslav
From Chýnov to Choustník after 1934, 35mm, Firepolice near Jordán, 35mm, Unknown Church, after year 1934 II, 35mm film, Repaired Town Hall and Church, 35mm film, Church in Soběslav, 35mm film,
May 28 2005
409 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
Reconstruction of the cloister in Milevsko 1898
Sokol meet in Žirovnice 1913
Toni Šechtlová
Grandfather and grandson
Bohumil Foerster, composer
Sokol meet in žirovnice 1913, Strmilov, minister Staněk 17.8.1919, Skating competetion 1922, Sokol meeting in Pelhřimov 1925, Trip to Sokol Meet in Zagreb, 1910, Sokol exposition, Šibřinky in Tábor Sokolovna 1927, Šibřinky in Tábor Sokolovna 1928, Šibřinky in Tábor Sokolovna 1937, Mareda Hill School construction works, Milevsko, baron Nádherný, Portraits and figures of actress Matějová, Alex Seik (major of the city Tábor, painter, photographer)
Number of new portrtaits, especially Šechtl familly photos. New photos of the composer Bohumil Foerster. 35mm film:
On Hůrka, Planá nad Lužnicí
Meet of owners of Jawa motor-cycles
building hospital on pražské předměstí, 35mm film, building czechoslovak church, 35mm film, From Křižík square to Commercial bank during 2nd world war, Garden Party, 35mm film, Kotnov Street, 35mm film, Villas in Planá nad Lužnicí, 35mm film

The database can now record hand edited images in addition to the automatically generated preview. We are now adding the edited files we have already.

May 14 2005
185 new photos in the archive
Glass plate negatives:
Mrs. Soukup
Ignác Šechtl, wet proces negative
Masaryk's house
35mm film:
By car from Bálkova to Pejšova Lhota 1929
Skating on Jordán 1936
From Bálkova to Pejšova Lhota, by car 1929, Skating on Jordán 1936, Sokol meet 1938,
May 10 2005
During openning the exposition Openning of new exposition "Historical photographs - 100 years of Tábor Gym Hall" went fluently and we was again positivly surprised by number of visitors. We thank to Hlahol chorus for performance of sokol songs, Marek Škrla and Mrs. Nováková for openning speech, Mr. Kohout for complementing our exposition by historical post-cards with sokol thematics, Mrs. Lukšíčková for providing number of additional informations about the photographs and allowing us to scan the invitation cards for Šibřinky fets, Mrs. Franková for working out number of additional informations in the archive of Sokol in Prague and to Škrla familly for preparing the exposition rooms and adding amplifiers for the vernisage. Vernisáž výstavy "Historické fotografie ke 100. výročí Sokolovny" se opět setkala s nečekaným zájmem. Děkujeme pěveckému spolku hlahol za krásný přednes sokolských písní, Marku Škrlovi a paní Novákové za zahájení výstavy, panu Kohoutovi za doplnění výstavy dobovými pohlednicemi, paní Lukšíčkové za poskytnutí pozvánek na šibřinky a doplnění mnoha informací k fotografiím, Paní Frankové za dohledání mnoha informaci v Pražském archivu Sokola, rodině Škrlově za přípravu výstvních místností a ozvučení vernisáže.
Apr 29 2005

254 new photos in the archive
35mm film: Walk to Jordán, 1934, Walk with the club for making Jistebnice beautiful II, 1934, Sokolovna 1936, Walk around railway from Tábor to Bechyně with František Křižík 1937, Chýnov 1946
Glass plate negatives: President Soukup Stocký, father of Anna Šechtlová
Apr 19 2005
35mm film:
Unknown church near Jistebnice 1934
Traveling photographer 1934
All sokol meeting in Prague 1932, 35mm film, Walk to Jordán, 1934, 35mm film, Walk with the club for making Jistebnice beautiful, 1934, 35mm film, Trees near main church in blossom, 35mm film, pole, 35mm film, Krajíc mill, 35mm film
Probably Mr. and Mrs. Soukoup, 1918
Anna Stocká-Šechtlová and Josef Jindřich Šechtl
Anna Stocká-Šechtlová 1909

Glass plate negatives: All sokol meeting in Prague 1912, Reproductions of photos for all Sokol meeting in Prague 1912, Sokol excercises in Jihlava 1919, Sokol promise 1919, All sokol meeting in Prague 1920, Josef Jindřich Šechtl statue, Vignetes, nové rodinné fotografie
Apr 15 2005
326 new photos.
35mm film:
Snow white and 6 dwarfs on the marriage of prince Deym 1936
On the Sokol swimming place 1930

Sokol swimming place 1930, Mariage of prince Deym after year 1936
Glass plate negatives and medium/large format films:
Trip to the nature
Exposition place in Brno 1928
Brno, Probably photos made by Liduška Šechtlová (of varying quality) and new familly photos.
Apr 07 2005
297 new photos.
35mm film:
Near Choustník after 1934
Walk in Tábor after 1934
Walk throught Tábor, 1934; Construction works near Jordán and Tábor, 1934; Walk throught Miličín, after 1934; Walk to Choustník castle, after 1934; Unknown Church, after 1934; Deutschr Haus during nacist occupation

Family photos on glass plate negatives and films 13x18cm:

Grandmother of Ignác Šechtl
wet process negative
60's of 19th century
Second wife of father of Ignác Šechtl
Wet process negative
70's of 19th century
Father of Ignác Šechtl
Wet process negative
70's of 19th century
Mar 27 2005
303 new photos.
Glass plate negatives and films 13x18cm:
Cirkvenice 1913
Cirkvenice 1913
Marriage of prince Dejm, approx. 1931
Horní Cerekev

New categories with photos on large negatives: Mariage of Dejm, Broken trees, Radkov, Cerekev, Cirkvenice 1913.
35mm film:
Horeback riding 1934
All Sokol meeting in Prague, year unknown
4th meeting of prisoners from world war II, probably 1948
Openning of powerplan on Sedlice water barrier

New categories with 35mm film: Openning of power plant on Sedlice water barrier, Meeting of prisoners num. 4, Horse ridding 1934, Unknown sokol meeting.
Mar 25 2005
Sculptor František Bílek with his familly
Documentation of the exposition of work of František Bílek 1942

35mm film:3 films documenting work of sculptor František Bílek from exposition in year 1942
Tennis in the front of Academic House in Prague (today Institute of Government of Czechoslovakia)
Passionate newspaper readers working
Emil Pollert, famous opera singer
Bohumil Foerster, composer, 1925
Czirikov, russian writer, revolutionary and friend of Lenin, lived in emigration in Czechoslovakia, 1925
Glass plate negatives: Reportages from sokol meeting in Prague 1917, day of archive worker in unknown archive. Photos of Academic house in Prague (today it is institute of goverment of ČR). Box with famouse people from year 1925: Bohumil Foerster - composer, Emil Pollert - opera singer, Čirikov, russian writer.
Mar 24 2005
158 new photos.
Cheers to president builder, Ed. Beneš; with Gottwald in the frond
First communistic celebration of work, 1st may 1948
Fast trafic leads to prosperity
First communistic celebration of work, 1st may 1948
35mm film:The first commuinistic celebration of work, 1st may 1948, panachyda for president Masaryk.
Kateřina Šechtl with children, 80's of 19th century
Mrs Stemrová, Kamenice nad Lipou, 1910
Cathedral of st. Barbora
Kutná Hora 1911
Glass plates: Portraits from Kamenice nad Lipou 1910, new familly photos, including collodion negative of portrait of Kateřina, new excellent photos of Kutná Hora, unfortunatelly way too bright in internet version.
Mar 20 2005
200 new photos.
Kutná Hora 1909
Jindřichův Hradec 1909
Glass plate negatives:Kuná Hora 1909, Jindřichův Hradec 1909, Pavillon of Písek on unknown exhibition, Old Town Square in Prague with unknown event.
Chýnov 1934
Klokoty cloiste 1934
Remains of Buchov castle 1934
35mm film:Very nice photos of Chýnov and Klokoty cloister, remains of castle in Buchov, cottage by architect Kotěra, meeting of shavers, Sokol swimming place.
Láďa Letenský, singer of grand operetta in Prague 1925
One of visit cards Ignác made in Plzeň before comming to Tábor in 1862
Rusalka's from vodník domain 1922
Photos:few visiting cards from familly album, photos of Anna Šechtlová, familly photos of mrs. Lukšičková, various Sokol photos lend to us by Mrs. Lukšičková.
Mar 18 2005
317 new photos. We have over 5000 photos in the archive! 35mm film: Repair service Škoda, part of defile of 48th regiment, excercies of Kuratorium Tábor during nacist occupation, Sokol swimming place, Sokol meeting 1932, malt house and some new photos of Tábor.
Unique collodion negatives of portraits of Sokols
Rytmics of Sokol 1917
Mariage of prince Rohan 1917
Velký formát (desky a filmy):Kolodiové portréty sokolů, rytmika sokola 1917, Rohanova svatba, reklamní fotografie pro Jihotvar 1954, více fotografií Edvarda Beneše.
Mar 17 2005
35mm film: Villa of president Edvard Beneš 1935, Celebration of socker victory of Roma, approx. 1934, grandious renaming of Schools of Queen Elisabett to Schools of Hana Benešová with Hana Benešová, Edvard Beneš a major of the city Soumar, unknown meeting of Sokol on Stadion míru after year 1934, 50th anniversary of Sokol 1933. Large format (glass plates and films): Photographs of second president of Czechoslovakia, Edvarda Beneš, his wife Hana and his villa in Sezimovo Ústí, portraits of Sokols
Mar 11 2005
Garden of Monsignor Vaňek, 1934
Preparing beds for 48th regiment
We started work on digitalising archive of 35mm nitrate films from 20's to 50's. Archive probably contains well over 10000 shots and unlike the archive of glass plate negatives it was not censored by communistic regime of 50's and thus it contains photos from 30's and nacist ocupation that was almost entirely eliminated in the glass plate negative archive (as well as other similar archives in country). It also contains number of reportages (such as visit of president Masaryk, visits and funeral of president Beneš), moment photography and photos from travels that was not shot on large format.
Detail 40 megapixel scan in full resolution.

Negatives was shot using good camera Leica and we scan them using Minolta Scan Elite 5400 to 40 megapixels. From many of the shots one can make beautiful enlargements even on the size of 30x45cm. Part of the archive is however, because of instability of nitrate base of the films, in bad shape. Scanning the films is also very time consuming work and thus we will continue the work in parallel with scanning the glass plates.
650 new photos in digital archive:
First experimental scans of 35mm film: Garden Monsignor Vaňek, Pelhřimov 1934, Preparing beds of 48th regiment, Rytmics a cloister in Benešov.
Desky:Groups on exposition 1929, visit of emperor 1901, all sokol meeting 1901 and 1926, new familly photographs, especially interesting photos of Jan Voseček, photos of Benešov and Pelhřimov, laying base stone of Jan Hus monument in Tábor, new šibřinky, sokol excercises in Třebíč and Ostrava, vist of president Masaryka on exposition 1929, Itally and more.
Mar 4 2005

New gallery of Sokol live statues.

150 new negatives. New and perhaps even more bautiful group photos of Poles, including two photomontages. Portraits of Poles and citisens of Batelov. Reportages from Sokol excersising in Lvov 1903, Building athelier of J. V. Dušek 1922, uncovering of memorial in Strmilov 1919, Yugoslavian Sokol on a trip to Prague a exposition of pingeons 1922.

Feb 6 2005
500 new negatives. Rare collodion wet process negatives of portraits of oldest Sokols in Tábor, unknown city, unknown statue of Jan Žižka, Brdlík's mill and several portraits are one of oldest preserved negatives in the archive. Reportages from return of president T. G. Masaryk to Čechoslovakia 1918, return of the legions, visit of Sokols from srbia, funeral of dr. Tlamka 1922, building JČE headquaters, unrolling of flag Polužničan, nacist ocupation, excercies of fire police in Ratibořké Hory 1928. Groups of amateur actors and exposition 1929. Photos of Hořice, Bežerovice, horsemans and flags made by p. Mladá. Even more photos of Liduška Šechtlová.
Jan 17 2005

New gallery of Tábor photographs from callendary for year 2005. This callendary is still available in our museum for 60Kč.

300 new negatives. Šechtl's familly photos. Beautiful group photos of unknown Poles 1908-1910. Reportages from Sokol excercising on exposition 1902, Sokol festival 1924, emperor maneuvers 1913, building exposition pace 1929, Sokol and busynessman celebration 1925, unknown meeting 1924, funeral of Jarka Posadovský 1928.

Photos of Božejovice, Hejlov, Šechtl familly and athelier, Stádlec farm during 1st world war (with captives), shops on the May 9th street, hotel U Slunců.

New navigation in the digital archive; fixes to cathegory tree; information about Seik's exposition.

Jan 7 2005
We added information about prepared exposition of Sokol. New newspaper articles about building Sokolovna in 1905. Easier switching in between Czech and English alnguage.
Jan 2 2005
fotografie z vernisaze

Our museum will be closed in between January 3rd and 10th. We apologize for the inconvience.

Over 400 new negatives, archive now exceeds 3000 scans! New reportages from fire in the house next to Šechtl & Voseček atheliers and reconstruction works, visit of president T. G. Masaryk on the exposition in Tábor 1929, disclosing monument of Misr Jan Hus in Jindřichův Hradec 1923, first part of regional exposition in Tábor 1902, even more photos from industrial and army exposition in Tábor 1929 including large collection of fire police group photos and meeting of Republikan party, extended reportage from Šibřinky. Family photos of Josef Šechtl. Photos of Žirovnice including one early wet process negative and Kamenice nad Lipou.

Pages about museum now contains new texts about the exposition.

Dec 10 2004

New gallery Photographic Techniques of Josef Šechta with sellection of photographs prepared for the new exposition in the museum.

Be first to use our new guestbook!

Dec 4 2004
255 new negatives. Fine art portraits of Anna Šechtlová made in cooperation with sculpturist Jan Vítězslav Dušek, live statues representing arts, Sokol meetings 1920 and 1921, Sokol's šibřinky 1932 and 1933, big reportage about industrial and army exposition in Tábor 1929 is almost complete including the construction works preparing exposition place and storm that terminated it. Reportage from the fire police festival in Tábor 1928 and the disclosure of sculpture by J. V. Dušek in Jistebnice 1926.
Nov 5 2004
331 new negatives. Big reportages from visit of president Masaryk on the celebration of 500th anniversary of Tábor, celebration of the 80th birthday of president Masaryk, celebration of comenius, regional expositioni in Pelhřimov, works in the boulder mine, train crash in Chotoviny. Smaller reportages from first and second visit of the emeror in Tábor, building of the Sokol training ground, celebration of founding the Czechoslovakia 1918, meeting of politicans and fire police 1921, celebration of the 20th anniversary of fire police group of Padařov. Next 3 weeks we won't be able to update the webpage.
Oct 20 2004
More than 300 new negatives, number of entries in our archive exceeded 2000! New photos of cities Jistebnice, and Planá nad Lužnicí (including local castles), interriers of Grand Hotell, nice group photos of children, reportage from hospital in 1917 and more.
Oct 10 2004
We added the following galeries:
Sep 27 2004
We missed weekly 3 updates due to vacations, but now over 200 new images has been added to the archive. Photo-journalism section include reportages from rowlink competetion, Vejrec distillery and school farm. We also added number of new portraits, for instance portraits of founders of hlahol club.
Aug 29 2004
Museum webpage now contains photos from the exposition and texts from the exposition. Database now records transaction numbers where available and guess the year using them. New additions to the archive include grand reportages from fire police festival in 1928, Turovec 1925, funeral of mr. Setunský, small reportage from trip of sokol, new portraits of actors, mens and women. We founded new categories, for example category of funny portraits and photographic prints.
Aug 23 2004
Opening of museum has been sucesfull and we was very surprised by high interest in the museum. We thank to everyone who helped to prepare the exposition.
Aug 17 2004
New 98 negatives, for example funerals of JUDr. Alois Kotrbelec, city mayor, Dr. Pavlík, founder of Hus society, portraits of Prof. Josef Vycpálek, collector of folk dances, Karel Štika, painter and graphician. We dated over 300 photos and you can now browse the archive by year. Orientation in the english version of the page has been made easier by automatically translating the keywords to english. Some of photos now have english descriptions too.
Aug 2 2004
New 102 negatives, for example photos of Czech quartet (with Josef Suk, Oskar Nedbal, K. Hoffmann), portraits of Dr. Kotrbelec from different ages, very influential major of Tábor, portrait of painter Richard Lauda or the first X-ray photo.
Jul 27 2004
New 140 negatives. The most interesting include reportages from the skying competetion in Tábor 1928, exposition in botanic garden 1920, documentation of electrified adds in Tábor and many new portraits.
Jul 18 2004
New 101 negatives in the archive, including photographs of disasters and documentation of changes of Tábor' church. We now have over 1000 scanned photographs in the digital archive!
Jul 10 2004
New 300 negatives in the archive, including portraits of musicians Oskar Nedbal, Josef Bohuslav Foerster, reportage from the life of Czechoslovakian soldiers, work of František Bílek, first 4 autochromes (including unique portrait of president Eduard Beneš) and allegoric groups of childrens. Additions to galery of bromoils.
Jul 5 2004
We added galery of bromoils.
Jul 1 2004
First experimental part of digital archive is now online
May 16 2004
We added the following galeries: New address We thank to Martin Mareš for reconfiguring the WWW and name server.
May 9 2004
The page has been largely reorganized using new matherial from our digitalization project. We added the following galeries:
April 25 2004
We started work on digitalizing the whole archive.