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Dec 14 2009
Nov 20 2009
Nov 18 2009
Opening of new exhibition about relatives of writer Božena Němcová was sucesful. We are very grateful to everyone who helped to realize this exhibition and also to everyone who came to opening day.
Aug 27 2009

Catalogue of exhibition “South Bohemia Exhibition in Tábor, 1929 – Professor Theodor Petřík and Tábor” can now be previewed on-line via Google Books. Catalogue is not for sale, but it is available upon request.

We are finishing preparation of new booklets that can be pre-ordered at Amazon. Šechtl & Voseček: A History of the Studio and Ignác Šechtl: Tábor 1877–1885, Cartes-de-Visite.

We also printed new callendar of Tábor for 2010. This time with photographs from 1960s by Marie Šechtlová and Josef Šechtl.

Please contact us if you want to order a copy.

Aug 14 2009
Aug 10 2009
Jul 22 2009
Jul 15 2009

Our new book is now available for world-wide shipping at Amazon

Jul 11 2009
Jun 25 2009
Opening day of exhibition of new exhibition was successful. We would like to thank everyone who helped with making the exhibition to happen.
Jun 23 2009

New catalogue is now available in Šechtl and Voseček Museum of Photography

Publisher Marie Šechtlová, In Czech and English language, ISBN 978-80-01-04364-6, Paperback, 21x15 cm, 32 pages.

12 photographs by Marie Šechtlová was published in book The Best Photographers IV

his photographic book offers a selection of the most interesting authors published in 2008 by the PhotoArt monthly. As the previous volumes, it attracts attention both by the portfolio composition – the variety of topics, the vision of the surrounding world or the technical processing, as well as by works of the individual authors. We believe that this book will find its place in your bookcase or collection thanks to its mission, which is inspiration, guidance as well as joy. The unique hardcover publication costs 16,90 Eur + postage

Jun 3 2009
You are cordially invited to exhibition at July 30th.
Web page with publications now has information on our new book.
May 30 2009
April 25 2009
March 29 2009
March 18 2009
Opening day of exhibition of photographs by Ferdinand Bučina was successful. We would like to thank to Tomáš Rasl, for his work on preparing the exhibition, everyone who helped with making the exhibition to happen and to Zdeněk Flídr for projection of movie containing Bučina's photos from Moravian Slovakia.
March 15 2009

Yesterday was closed at Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Phootgraphy exhibition of Autochromes of Fred Payne Clatworthy. This exhibition was first one, where we was able thanks to support of US Center in Prague digitize important collection of photography outside our contry.

At Tuesday we will open new exhibition of photography by Ferdinand Bučina

February 23 2009
February 22 2009
February 21 2009
February 15 2009
February 12 2009
Discussion at Leica gallery
February 2 2009

Discussion with members of Šechtl family at Leica Gallery in Prague

You are cordially invited to discussion with Marie Šechtlová, Jan Hubička and Eva Hubičková at Leica Gallery in Prague, Školská 28.

37 new photographs
Maruška and Eva Dobešová, 1959-1962
February 4 2009
Opening of exhibition of Marie Šechtlová's photography at kavárna Rolnička, Bezděkova 122, Soběslav. Exhibition will last till end of February.
January 5 2009

We made available on-line the photographs from this year callendar

January 4 2009
The exhibition “Legacy of three color photography” in National Museum of Photography prepared as part of workshop co-organized by our museum is over.

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