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July 11 2007

Calendars for year 2008

We prepared new calendar of Šechtl & Vosešek Museum of Photography for year 2008. Unlike our past calendars, this one is oriented vertically and we chose photographs by Josef Jinřich Šechtl dated to 1900-1930s. The photographs differ by their mood and fine art orientation from the previous callendar focusing on the photographs from the turn of 19th and 20th century. All photographs was prepared from original negatives and with a great focus on quality of reproduction.

The calendar has typography by Jakub Troják, text by Jiří Kohout with english translation prepared by John Titchener and Eleanor Schlee. The dimensions are 29×46cm.

The calendar will be available since half of August in the usual places, however you can also order greater amount (over 10 pieces) directly from us. We are also able to print logo of company on the card stock paper that is 5cm longer than the calendar itself. The cost of calendar in the case of such direct order is 130Kč.

Last year we experimentally introduced new calendar with thematic not limited to Tábor region focusing on technology. This year we follow by calendar on Whiskers. Each page of the calendar introduce particular way of styling beard with text written by Libor Jůn (and translated to English by John Titchener and Eleanor Schlee). The style is illustrated by portraits from our archived dated from 1860s to 1960s.

The calendar dimensions are 44×33cm and similarly as in case of Tábor calendar you can order it directly.

Sculptor František Bílek with family
Villa of František Bílek in Chýnov
Jan Hus Exhibition, 1906, Hunt
June 27 2007
42 new photographs in the archive
orwocolor digitized as color negative, overexposed to cyan cast
Resulting scan with typical cast on the shadows
orwocolor digitized as black and white negative, close to it's real color, just more dark
Resulting scan with more realistic shadows

We made first systematic experiments with digitizing orwocolor negatives. This relatively low quality reversal color film was produced by east german company Orwo, who based the technology on pre-WWII Agfa. We found out that scanning the negatives in standard settings for negatives leads to very poor result, because the film base is too light and the scanning software overexpose green and blue channels. This cause typical purple shadows seens in many photographic prints from this material. Fortunately when digitizing using vuescan software, setting scanner to black and white negative leads to better exposure and the color renderings can be produced from RAW tif files in color negative mode. Result of scanning made this way is a lot more satisfactory. The scans published in our digital archive went through just very minimal color correction, however all information seems to be there to make it possible to produce nice renderings.

39 new photographs in the archive
Oslo 1965
Oslo 1965
Jan Hus Exhibition, 1906, Vacation in France, Oslo 1965
June 20 2007

The opening day of our new exhibition, “Josef Jindřich Šechtl — Leica Photographer” had a very busy programme. After a short delay caused by the filming of a documentary by Zdeněk Flídr, the exhibition was opened by Marek Škrla, Marie Šechtlová and Marie Micheala Šechtlová. Jazz music was performed by Eva Emingerová, accompanied on the piano by Jaroslav Bárta, after which, a group photo of all those present was taken in the square, for inclusion in the documentary. This was followed by time for everyone to view the exhibition, and the event was concluded by Mila Fara, speaking on the history of the Leica camera. A few photographs from the event are available at the museum website.

We are grateful to everyone who came to the exhibition, despite the hot weather, and that it was vacation-time. We are looking forward to meeting you again during the activities planned for the holidays, with talks, and the first showing of the documentary planned for September. The opening day for our next exhibition, dedicated to Czech Autochromes, is planned for October.

June 19 2007
June 16 2007

We are finishing the preparation works on the exhibition this time together with filming document by Z. Flídr

New opening day is at June 20, 2007, we are looking forward to meet you in the museum!

Exhibition “The Splendors of Russia in Natural Color” in Galerie Malšice as well as “Pictures from Italy 1897” in Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photography are over now. We hope that we will find interested galleries to display the exhibits in other cities

May 30 2007
May 26 2007

We finished work on digitizing archive of 35mm films by Josef Jindřich Šechtl. Overall from March 11 2005 we digitized 8432 photographs, 331 films. We will celebrate the project by exhibition planed also for 130th birthday of the author. We are continuing work on digitizing the glass plate negatives and photographic prints by Josef Jindřich and we also will digitize films by other authors. The adventure that was re-discovering the 35mm archive will be however missed.

54 new photos in the archive. 35mm film:

Josef Jindřich Šechtl, tambura
Josef Jindřich Šechtl, gentleman
Josef Jindřich Šechtl, soldier
Wedding of Marie Šechtlová and Jan Hubička, 1976, Zdeněk Sklenář and Vladimír Tesař visiting Šechtl family, 1976, Koším, from archive of photographer Růžička
May 9 2007
May 8 2007

You are cordially invited to opening of our next exhibition.

We experimentally added Google advertisements to our webpage, in hope that they will help to fund our project of digitizing the archive, especially the planned purchase of expensive scanner for sheet film. If the advertisements ends up being disturbing, we will remove them again.

May 4 2007

It is an honor for us to cooperate on the next exhibition (celebrating the 100th anniversary of autochrome) with Alain Scheibli, great grandson of Antoine Lumiere, who has come to Czech Republic to explore our collections of autochrome photographs. In the photo above, Alain Scheibli (on left) studies a Karel Šmirous autochrome, from the family archive that is now maintained by Mrs. Mikulíčková (on right). Karel Šmirous, one of the early Czech photographers who used autochromes, was for a time a chemist in the Lumiere brothers' research laboratory, and assisted in development of the process. We would also like to thank Mrs. Mikulíčková, for making her collection of autochromes available for our exhibition.

22 new photos in the archive. 35mm film:
Cardinal Karel Kašpar visiting Monsignor Vaňek, Pelhřimov, 1934, 35mm film
Split after 1934, 35mm film
Apr 24 2007
In museum we had meeting with Josef Bajusz, “Valuable life in modern world”.
Apr 18 2007

At the talk in the Hussite Museum on “The Tábor Synagogue”, the building which was destroyed in the 1970s, we were able to show for first time a newly-found photograph. This photo of the Synagogue has only recently been discovered, after having been sought after for a long time.
Apr 17 2007

You are cordially invited to the current exhibition at the Malšice gallery, Malšice čp. 58

In museum we had meeting with Josef Bajusz, “Time changes, but values stay”.

Apr 13 2007

In museum we had talk taken by Jiří Kohout, “From Tábor to Bechyně by train, waterway and street”.
Apr 10 2007
Apr 6 2007
Apr 4 2007
We had talk in museum, ThDr. Jiřío Beneš, “History of Czech Bible”
Mar 31 2007
Mar 29 2007

At wednesday Petr Skrla and Magda Skrlová took very interesting talk about their life in africa as physicians in the hospital. The talk was acompanyed by photographs and performance on african musical instruments.
Mar 26 2007
Mar 20 2007

At Monday Pavel Scheufler, historian of photography, gave a talk on František Krátký in our museum. He projected over 80 historical photographs from Czech lands, Prague, Italy and Russia. We are very grateful for the talk. New programme of talks for April was published.

138 new photos in the archive. Glass plate negatives:
Miss Handrejchová, Tábor, 1912
Perhaps Miss Végrová, Tábor, 1908
35mm film:
Václav Soumar, city mayor, sortly after 1938.
Dwarfs Mr. Horák and Josef Ferdinand Šechtl on the trip to unknown village
Funeral with Mayor Soumar and soldiers on Křižík square, 35mm film, Trip to unknown village with Mr. Horák, 35mm film, Tábor during the eary nacist occupation, 35mm film, Construction works on Křižík Square, 1938-1939, 35mm film
Mar 18 2007
Mar 14 2007

Today we had a talk in museum given by Josef Dvořák “End of Ancient World”. Next talk will be this monday given by Pavel Scheufler.

Because of high interest in the open Sunday, our museum will be open on Sundays for while March, always from 1pm to 5pm.

100 new photos in the archive. 35mm film:

Václav Soumar, city mayor, 1930s
Unidentified trip, Friends drinking wine, Soldiers on Křižík square, Pražské předměstí, villa quater on 35mm film, Unidentified landscape, Václav Soumar (major of the city Tábor) Václav Soumar in his office
Mar 13 2007
We disabled apache module converting encoding of the webpage according to the preferences of the web browser. Users of Safari on Mac-OS should now see a Czech diacritics, if the change caused any problems for you, please let us know your configuration.
Mar 7 2007
Mar 5 2007

Today we opened a new exhibition in our museum. Excerpts from Italian operatic works were perfomed by Karolána Bubleová Berková, with piano accompaniment by Ladislav Šotek. The opening speech was made by Pavel Scheufler, curator of the exhibition. We have been pleasantly surprised by the interest in the exhibition. We are very grateful to everyone who came to the opening, and we are looking forward to meeting you again at the scheduled talks.

Texts and a selection of photographs from the new exhibition are now available, on-line, on our museum webpage.

Mar 4 2007
Feb 27 2007

Current exhibition can be viewed till Friday, March 2nd

n cooperation with Jiří Kohout, and with the support of a grant from the Tábor Town Council, we have prepared a new set of 12 postcards, of “Streets in Tábor Old Town”. The postcards are accompanied by a map and brief information about the places photographed. They are intended to guide you on an interesting walk across Tábor Old Town, comparing the places as they were years ago, with how they are today.

All 12 postcards are available for purchase at our museum, or in the Tábor Tourist Centre, and in other places. The texts and postcards are also available electronically.

Slečna Brožová, asi 1910
Study, 1912
Ella Stillerová, houslistka, 1914
Feb 18 2007
Feb 13 2007
Feb 10 2007
Feb 4 2007
Jan 22 2007
Jan 15 2007
Jan 8 2007
We found box of negatives described as “Wild's from Theatre”. Can some signed photograph from Wild's studio confirm the theory that these ineed are originally Wild's negatives?
Girl and grandmother Hoffmanová
Miss Broukalová in rented dress
Unidentified portrait

Portraits and group photos probably from athelier of photographer Wlid in Tábor

Glass plate negatives:
Lime tree in Kamenice
Biggest Czech specializes Factory for Making Waterpiles and Pumps on Regional Exhibition in Tábor, 1902
Sokol performance maybe on Regional Exhibition in Tábor 1902

Sokol in theatre, perhaps during exhibition 1902

35mm film:
Celebrating October 28th in Tábor, 1934
Horseriding, 1932
all sokol meet (slet) in prague 1932, Wedding in Czechoslovak Church in Tábor, Priest Vrtiška, 1933, Funeral of Krajíc in Bechyně, 1933, Celebrating October 28th 1934
Jan 1 2007

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