Archive of news for 2006

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Dec 25 2006

We made available, on-line, texts and some photographs from our new exhibition “Marie Sechtlová: Photographic Stories”

Museum will be closed till January 14th. If you are interested in seeing the exhibition before 25th, please call 776303193 or 381232213.

Dec 18 2006
88 new photos in the archive. Glass plate negatives:
Chlum u Třeboně, with castle of Ferdinand D-Este
Exhibition v Českých Budějovicích, kolodiový negativ
Carbon print on glass, probably from England
Carbon print on glass, probably from England
Exhibition in Sedlčany, 1898
Exhibition in Sedlčany, 1898
Carbon prints, Exhibition in České Budějovice, Wet process negatives, probably 1884, Regional exhibition in Sedlčany 1892, Sokol exercises in Tábor 1903, Rohan family, Prince Rohan, Choustník, Prince Rohan, Choustník 1902
Dec 14 2006
61 new photos in the archive. Glass plate negatives: We discovered box of collodion wet process negatives by Ignác Šechtl from exhibition in České Budějovice probably in 1881. Only the oldest negatives are made by this difficult process and the negatives are very rare. Together with new 17 negatives we already found 149 photographs made this way. The new negatives are also unique by being the very first known preserved photojournalist reportage found in our archive.
Prince Rohan, Choustník, 1912
Princ ROhan, Choustník, 1912
Princ Rohan, Choustník, 1912
Dec 4 2006

Šechtl & Voseček Musem of Photography callendars for year 2007 are almost completely sold out. Last copies can be purchached in Tábor tourist centre and book shop “Kniha”. We made available photographs from the callendars in our virtual galleries. The callendars are important source of funds for our digitalization project and museum. Thank ou for your interest!

In the higher amounts, over 1000 copies, we can prepare also the callendars with historical photographs of your choice.

313 new photos in the archive. 35mm film:

Fixing tyre, Choustník, after 1935
Fixing engine, after 1935
Destruction, 1935
Destruction, 1935
Jazz musicians, 1935, Funeral of Dr. Dohnal, 1935, Destruction works on the square 1935, Božena Šechtlová on the market, Trip with Milena and Cízlerová to Choustník, after 1935, Building Garrage of Lída Šechtlová, after 1935, To friends on Harrachovka, Views of the city Tábor and Čelkovice, Čelkovice, New cemetory, Tombs on New Cemetory, Pacov with park
Nov 23 2006
Nov 18 2006
We are now working on the new exhibition and till Thursday November 23th, the museum will be closed.
Nov 13 2006
Nov 6 2006
Nov 2 2006
To celebrate 15000 photographs in the archive, we made available one photograph in full resolution of 350~megapixels. If you have flash player installed, use the icons above to explore the dtails of group photo of Tábor fire brigade from 1892.
Oct 26 2006
Oct 24 2006
Oct 22 2006
Oct 16 2006
Oct 10 2006
Oct 9 2006
Oct 4 2006
Sep 20 2006
Sep 17 2006
Aug 22 2006
Aug 20 2006
85 new photos in the archive. Fotografie:
Building Švehla's bridge in Tábor, 1935. One photograph from the collection recently lent to us by City of Tábor
Group photo from our recently discovered treasure

Building Švehla's bridge in Tábor, 1935

Glass plate negatives:
Žižka Square in Tábor
Repairing tower in Tábor, 1927
Ctibor house with famous gable

Furniture by František Vytiska, Views of the city Tábor from North, Views of the city Tábor from South, Views of the city Tábor from East, Views of the city Tábor from West, Oldest views of the city Tábor, Nort side of the square, South side of the square, East side of the square, West side of the square, Hradební Street, Josef Švehla

Church in Pelhřimov, 1935
Building of house, where city archive storing portion of our negatives is located today. 1931
Celebration in Tábor, 1931, Buiding archive, 1931
Aug 18 2006
Jul 21 2006

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