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Dec 31 2012
Nov 20 2012
Oct 28 2012

Projection of our photographs on the celebrations of anniversary of Czechoslovakia at Shooting rage.

Oct 20 2012
Dear firends, after a year you can again visit our studio. I am looking forward to see you. M. M. Šechtlová.
Oct 17 2012

Exhibition of works of František Bílek in Chýnov.

Oct 12 2012

Exhibition at South Bohemian offices in Budějovice.

Sep 21 2012

New exhibition at Hussite museum.

Sep 7 2012

Exhibition “Jordán” at Galerie U Radnice.
July 16 2012

Exhibition “Jordán 1890-1980” Small hall of Střelnice, Žižkova 249/3, Tábor.
Jul 5 2012
Jun 24 2012

Exhibition “The children are my greatest concern” was openned in Museum of Božena Němcové in Česká Skalice.
Jun 5 2012
May 13 2012
247 new photographs
Laterna Magika, 1960s
Laterna Magika, 1960s
Pedestrian, Agfacontour, 1970s
Camp at Orlík, 1963-1965
Agfacontour, Kotnov Castle on Agfacontour, Mountains on Agfacontour, Mountains on Agfacontour II, Zvíkov on Agfacontour, Tree on Agfacontour, Motorbike on Agfacontour, Well on Agfacontour, Tábor on Agfacontour, Adast printing machine on Agfacontour, House from Tábor on Agfacontour, House from Tábor on Agfacontour II, Jindřichův Hradec on Agfacontour, Pedestrian on Agfacontour, Plechismus on Agfacontour, Hauls, reproductions for large scale prints, Roses, Contrasty reproductions on FU5 and bassreliefs, Hotel Palcát
May 3 2012
Apr 29 2012
Apr 17 2012

Openning of new exhibition “Šechtl and Voseček: South Bohemia” was openned at Písek Malthouse. We was very pleased by the interest in the exhibition. The opening had 103 attendees.

Apr 11 2012
Apr 1 2012
Mar 31 2012
Mar 13 2012

607 new photographs digitized from negatives stored in Pelhřimov archive.

Sokol excercises in Pelhřimov 1925
New bell at Libkova Voda, 1925
Flooding at Pacov, 1911
Army hospital in Pelhřimov, Funeral in Pelhřimov 1917, Excercises of Sokol at Kamenice nad Lipou, 1919, Excercises of Sokol in Bechyně, 1919, Excercises of Sokol in Pelhřimov, 1919, Excercises of Fire Brigade in Pelhřimov, 1919, New bell at Libkova Voda 1925, Excercises of Sokol in Pelhřimov, 1925, Regulating Bělá, 1925, Meliorations in Pelhřimov, Memorial of Svec, 1926, Regional exhibition in Pelhřimov, 1926, Church in Pelřimov, Častrov, Červená Řečice, Křemešník, Lukavec, Pacov, first mechanized furniture factory of Václav Dvořák, Flooding near Pacov 1911, Sokols from Kamenice nad Lipou, Portraits and figures of teachers from gymnasium in Pelhřimov, group photos of soldiers in Pelhřimov, group photos of school children in Pelhřimov
Feb 15 2012

At Hussite Museum in Tábor we openned new exhibition “When the World Turned to Color: Early Color Photography from the Mark Jacobs Collection”. The exhibition is result of several years of cooperation with Mark Jacobs, the collector of early color photographs from Wisconsin, USA. The exhibitoin was prepared jointly with the Hussite Museum in Tábor. We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Embassy of the United States and the South Bohemia Region.

Two talks by Mark Jacobs was held. First at the Hussite Museum in Tábor and Second at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Jan 1 2012

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