The beard in history, or the history of the beard…

On-line version of calendar of Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photograhy

A well-kept beard, which gave its owner the noble and calm look of a university teacher, and the natural leader of the nation, adorned the firstpresidentofCzechoslovakia, Tomaš G. Masaryk. Masaryk was often portrayed by photographers of his time (e.g. Drtikol, Vojta, Vaněk, Šechtl, Brunner-Dvořák); and his face, sometimes dignified, sometimes illuminated by a widesmile, was one of the icons of the newly independent nation.

On the photos: T. G. Masaryk, president of Czechoslovakia, South Bohemian Exhibition in Tábor, 1929; T. G. Masaryk, president of Czechoslovakia, celebration of 500 years of Tábor, 1920; Arrival of T.G. Masaryk to country after WWI, 1918.