The beard in history, or the history of the beard…

On-line version of calendar of Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photograhy

Sideburns first becamea major European fashion at the time of romanticism.Romanticism, as a universal art style, put emphasis on emotion, individuality and the so-called “tortured souls”. An essential part of contemporary male fashion was the top hat, tail-coat, cane and moustache, with, if possible, wild side dundrearies. This fashion was often followed by a type of romantic revolutionary, or by disturbed men considering the option of suicide.

On the photos: Franz Schächtl (brother of Ignác) with wife, carte de visite, 1876–1890; Ignác Šechtl, carte de visite, 1858; Jan Voseček, carte de visite, September 8, 1877.