The beard in history, or the history of the beard…

On-line version of calendar of Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photograhy

The time after the First World War very significantly liberated men´s fashion, including beards and hair styles. Clean-shaven faces became as popular as beards. In some cases the beard became a symbol of hated “Austrianity”, but eventually became accepted. In many cases the fashion was led by the movie stars of the day.

On the photos: František Hrubín, poet, Chlum u Třeboně, sheet film 6x6cm, 1963–1964; Jiří Voskovec, actor, New York, sheet film 6x6cm, 1963; Josef Šíma, painter, Paris, sheet film 6x6cm, 1966; Jaroslav Marvan, actor, Tábor, sheet film 6x6cm, 1963–1965.